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SEPT' 19



Education, a wild and protected garden

In the field of education, we often compare the child to a plant. Why? Because you can’t act directly on a plant by pulling on its leaves or stem to make it grow faster: it grows alone according to its nature’s plan and according to its environment. We do not try to shape the plant to transform it. We instead act by providing it with the ideal conditions for its growth: the necessary light, the perfect heat, the nourishing soil...
Of course, it’s possible to act on a plant by shaping it to our taste as Japanese gardeners do with the bonsai. But it’s difficult, and it takes a lot of work, doesn’t it?

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SEPT' 19



Travelling with kids, in a slow intentional way

When holidays are approaching, parents that are not used to spend entire days with their children might see their anxiety rising as the longer days of summer breeze in. Maybe you’re one of them and you don’t know how to occupy your kids during holidays. You’re afraid that they get bored or that you will be doomed to entertain them all day long… and most of all their teacher said that they have to read books and review some math and grammar points. What?! During holidays? How will you manage to make them do that?

I totally understand that. And you know what? It seems that kids learn more during their holiday time than during the school year.
For us holiday time rhyme with “Slowing Down”.

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